Here are the current rankings of now and what they do, and what people they are.


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Ant Edit

Ants help make the wiki neater, such as fixing grammar errors

Here is a little scene


hi dis is a potato paj!!1!!one!!1!!.....\o/ [ Ant ] I should fix this

Hi this is a potato page! .................\o/ [ Ant ] There we go!

Honorary ants that help us Edit


Bee Edit

Bees are very similar to moderators. They can report people to admins and also report pages. They also have the power of ants.

Here is another scene


PIECE OF &#@$ *@#&ING ##$ o=O [ Bee ] I should report this to the hgiher authority for language.

* Page Deleted * o=O [ Bee ] Nice

Honorary bees that help us Edit

None so far

Mantis Edit

Mantis are admins of the wiki. They can delete pages and ban users. They also have the power of all the ranks.

Here is yet another scene.


hmmm /o\ [ Mantis ] This is spam. Deleted

Honorary mantises that help us Edit


Gallery Edit

Full !n53ct5

The bug rankings along with buggington

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